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We created an online solution for start-ups and small businesses as well as larger companies to optimise their digital presence.

An online solution created for you is an online solution created for start-ups and small businesses as well as larger companies to optimise their websites, search engine referencing (organic and paid), their social media presence and in particular their content creation, with a 100% business-led approach.

A team of pros at your disposal

The specialist skillsets of our multidisciplinary team help organisations create and share digital content on the platforms that are relevant to their niche, ensuring that campaigns and content integrate with their business goals and communication strategies. Our services are currently provided in English and French, with further languages set to be added to our package offerings in the near future.

Perfect Integration

From social media mastery to comprehensive content creation, each package is crafted to meet your unique needs and drive your brand's success.

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    You asked, we answer !

    We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you better understand what we offer and how it aligns with your needs. If you have any additional questions after browsing through these, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for more personalized assistance.

    Who's behind MyCommunityManager?

    My Community Manager is powered by a team of dedicated professionals boasting over 10 years of experience in content creation and social media. Our diverse expertise spans various industries including hospitality, banking, and corporate sectors, enabling us to offer a rich, well-rounded service to our clients.

    In how many languages do you work?

    We primarily work in French and English. However, we are open to accommodating requests in other languages based on your specific needs. Our goal is to cater to a diverse clientele and ensure effective communication in your preferred language.

    Why are you better than ChatGPT?

    While we have great admiration for ChatGPT’s capabilities, our advantage lies in our human touch. We offer the opportunity for real, personalized interactions and understand the nuances and complexities that come with managing your digital presence. Our human expertise allows us to provide tailored solutions and a level of personalization that automated systems can’t match.

    Why are the services under subscription only?

    We believe in the importance of consistency and dedication to see tangible results. Our subscription model ensures that we allocate specific team members to your project, allowing them to fully understand and align with your goals. This long-term partnership approach is crucial for developing and implementing effective strategies that evolve with your business.

    Do you have a money-back guarantee?

    We do not offer a money-back guarantee. The nature of our work involves extensive research and personalized strategy development, which demands significant time and effort from our team. We commit wholeheartedly to each project, and while we strive for excellence, the resources invested in research and strategy formulation are non-recoverable.

    What does your social media service include, and how do the different packages cater to my brand's needs?

    Our social media service is designed to enhance your brand’s online presence through a comprehensive approach that includes:

    • Initial Strategy Session: To align with your business goals.
    • Custom Content Style Guide: Crafting your brand’s unique voice.
    • Social Media Strategy Development: Creating a targeted content plan.
    • Ready-to-Use Content: Delivering original, business-specific posts.
    • Hashtag Research: For trending and relevant tags.
    • Branded Graphics: Ensuring consistent, professional visuals.
    • Multi-Platform Content: Customized for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.
    • Platform-Specific Adaptation: Tailoring posts for each social media channel.

    To meet various needs, we offer three packages:

    • Regular Package: Includes content for 1 social media account, with 4 original posts and stories per month, graphics based on existing templates, basic monthly performance analysis, and 1 hour of engagement activities.
    • Advance Package: Expands to up to 2 accounts, offering 8 original posts, 6 stories, advanced hashtag research, standard graphics, a more detailed performance analysis, and 2 hours of engagement activities.
    • Premium Package: For up to 3 accounts, providing 12 original posts, 8 stories, comprehensive hashtag research, premium graphics, an in-depth monthly performance report, and up to 5 hours of engagement.

    Each package is meticulously tailored to boost your brand’s engagement and visibility on social media, ensuring your content resonates with your target audience and aligns with your marketing objectives. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to intensify your social media efforts, our services are designed to adapt to your unique brand voice and goals.

    Can you explain how your blogging service works and the different packages you offer to enhance my brand's content strategy?

    Our blogging service is crafted to elevate your brand’s online presence through engaging, SEO-optimized content that resonates with your target audience. Here’s what our service includes:

    • Goal-Oriented Strategy Session: We start by aligning our content strategy with your business objectives to ensure every blog post serves your broader goals.
    • Blog Title and Topic Suggestions: Our team curates engaging topics to captivate your audience.
    • In-Depth Industry Research: We conduct thorough research to guarantee relevance and accuracy in each blog post.
    • SEO-Optimized Blogging: Tailored content to attract your ideal customers, available in varying lengths (450, 650, or 1050 words) to suit your strategy.
    • Image Selection: We select visuals that enhance and complement your posts.
    • Expert Blogging Insights: Providing strategies to maximize the impact of your blog.
    • Included Revision: Offering up to three rounds of edits to perfect your content.

    To cater to diverse needs, we offer three tailored packages:

    • Regular Package: This package provides a basic consultation, standard industry research, two SEO-optimized blog posts of 450 words each month, basic image selection, and one revision round per post. It’s designed for those seeking to maintain a consistent blog presence aligned with their business goals.
    • Advance Package: Elevating your blog strategy, this package includes advanced consultation, more in-depth research, three blog topic suggestions per month, three SEO-optimized posts of 650 words each, featured image selection for each post, and two rounds of revisions per post. It’s ideal for businesses aiming to engage their audience more deeply and boost their SEO efforts.
    • Premium Package: Offering the same advanced level of service as the Advance package, with three topic suggestions per month, three 650-word posts, featured images, and two revision rounds. This package is suited for brands looking for consistent, high-quality blog content with the flexibility of multiple revisions and a strategy aligned with advanced business objectives.

    Each package is designed to support your content marketing efforts, from establishing a foundational blog presence with our Regular package to enhancing your brand’s engagement and SEO performance with our Advance and Premium offerings. Whether you’re starting out or looking to elevate your content strategy, our blogging services are tailored to meet your brand’s specific needs and goals.

    How does your website development service enhance my online presence, and what are the differences between the packages offered?

    Our website development service is tailored to create a compelling online presence for your brand, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and performance. Here’s an overview of the foundational services and how each package builds upon these to meet your specific needs:

    • Showcase Website Development: We focus on crafting a standout online presence that captures your brand’s essence.
    • Optimized Graphic Theme: Enhancing the visual appeal and user experience of your website.
    • Technical Website Optimization: Ensuring your website operates at peak performance and functionality.
    • Multi-Device Responsive Design: Creating websites that are compatible across mobiles, tablets, and PCs.
    • Graphic Design Choices: Offering template-based designs for efficiency, with custom designs available to truly reflect your brand’s uniqueness.
    • SEO Analyser Access: Utilizing tools to boost your site’s search engine performance, increasing visibility and traffic.

    Package Offerings:

    • Regular Package:
      • Requires domain name and hosting to be provided by the client.
      • Includes up to 3 web pages of design and development with client-provided content.
      • Features standard graphic theme optimization, basic technical optimization, and basic responsive design.
      • Utilizes template-based graphic design and offers basic SEO analysis.
    • Advance Package:
      • Includes domain name and hosting.
      • Develops up to 5 web pages with an option for partial content creation by our team.
      • Offers enhanced graphic theme optimization, advanced technical optimization, and fully responsive design.
      • Provides a choice between premium template-based or semi-custom graphic design and comprehensive SEO analyser access.
    • Premium Package:
      • Tailored for expansive website projects with more than 5 web pages of design and development.
      • Offers full content creation services, premium graphic theme optimization, and technical optimization for superior performance.
      • Features responsive design across all devices and custom graphic design options for a personalized website.
      • Includes advanced SEO analysis and strategy implementation to maximize search engine performance.

    Each package is designed to accommodate different levels of need, from businesses seeking a basic but professional online presence to those requiring a comprehensive, fully customized website solution. Our goal is to ensure your website not only looks great but also performs exceptionally, aligning with your business objectives and enhancing your digital footprint. Whether you’re launching a new venture or revitalizing an existing site, our packages offer scalable solutions to grow with your business.

    How can your business intelligence package transform my business strategy, and what options are available to meet my specific needs?

    Our business intelligence package is designed to empower your business with data-driven insights, comprehensive market understanding, and strategic guidance to foster growth and improve performance. Here’s how our foundational services and each tailored package can cater to your business intelligence needs:

    • Market Analysis: Delivers in-depth research to grasp industry trends and the competitive landscape.
    • Business Performance Auditing: Assesses your operations to pinpoint improvement opportunities.
    • Data-Driven Decision Making: Employs analytics to guide strategic decisions effectively.
    • Customized Strategy Development: Creates strategies meticulously aligned with your business objectives.
    • KPI and Metrics Implementation: Sets up crucial indicators to monitor and drive success.
    • Technology Integration Advice: Suggests tools and technologies to bolster your business intelligence capabilities.
    • Consumer Insights Gathering: Analyzes customer data for a deeper understanding of behaviors and preferences.
    • Ongoing Strategic Consultation: Ensures you receive continuous advice and support for enduring growth.

    Package Details:

    • Regular Package:
      • Focuses on Business Performance Auditing and Consumer Insights Gathering. This package is ideal for businesses looking to get a foothold on their current performance and customer understanding.
    • Advance Package:
      • Includes the Regular package services plus Market Analysis. Suitable for businesses ready to deepen their market understanding and position themselves more competitively.
    • Premium Package:
      • Encompasses all services listed, from Business Performance Auditing to Ongoing Strategic Consultation. This comprehensive package is perfect for businesses aiming for extensive market insights, strategic development, and continuous growth support.

    Each package is structured to support businesses at different stages of their growth journey. Whether you’re looking to refine your current operations, gain a competitive edge in your market, or develop a comprehensive strategy for long-term success, our Business Intelligence Package offers the tools and expertise to achieve your goals. By partnering with us, you can leverage data-driven insights and strategic guidance to navigate your business towards sustained growth and success.

    What if I'm craving the whole content creation feast and need an extra pair of hands to whip up relevant content and juggle my social media channels like a pro?

    Imagine us as your personal content creation chefs and social media maestros, ready to turn your hunger for comprehensive, impactful online presence into a banquet of engagement and brand growth. Here’s how we serve up everything you’re craving with some added garnish for that extra support: the Content Creation package !

    • Social Media Content Creation: Like crafting a menu that tantalizes every palate, we curate and tailor content to suit the unique tastes of your audience across different platforms. From appetizing posts to mouth-watering graphics, we ensure your social media feeds are a feast for the eyes, boosting visibility with a side of strategic hashtag research.
    • Blog Content Development: Consider this the main course, where we cook up delectable, SEO-optimized blog posts that satisfy the hunger for knowledge and connection. With creative topic generation and expert blogging guidance, we serve up content that not only draws guests in but keeps them coming back for seconds.
    • User-Generated Content (UGC) Packages: And for dessert? We encourage your community to share their own sweet moments and stories, creating a buffet of authentic content. Our UGC strategies are the perfect recipe for building a relatable and engaging brand presence that resonates with your audience.

    But what about the extra pair of hands you need? We’ve got you covered with comprehensive support for managing your social media channels. This includes everything from scheduling posts to engaging directly with your followers, ensuring that every aspect of your online presence is handled with care and expertise.

    So, if you’re looking to have it all—sumptuous content, a buzzing social media presence, and the peace of mind that comes with expert support—we’re here to make that happen. Let’s turn your brand’s online presence into the talk of the town, one post, blog, and user-generated story at a time.